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Phytosterol can significantly lower cholesterol levels by limiting the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine, promoting the dissimilation of cholesterol and inhibiting biosynthesis of cholesterol in the liver. Besides, experiments on animals and human prove that phytosterol has anticancer functions, and also acts as antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antipyretics, growth regulation, etc. The FDA has indicated in a public letter that certain food products containing plant sterols may qualify for the following health claim: “FDA Health Claim - Daily consumption of a total of at least 8 grams of plant sterols in two meals may reduce the risk of heart disease when part of a diet low in fat and cholesterol.“

SunnyGrain produces the LowChol brand of plant sterols, a class of plant-derived compounds that have proven effective in blocking the absorption of cholesterol. phytosterol Powder is natural plant sterol powder that is derived from soybean oil deodorizer distillate. It is composed by natural proportion of Beta-Sitosterol, campesterol, stigmasterol, brassicasterol, usually be used as anti-oxidant in food industry and daily food and beverage. Phytosterol Ester is obtained by esterification of soybean phytosterol and fatty acid in plant oil. It is light yellow oil with high viscosity, and light yellow clarifying oil when temperature above  50 degree. Phytosterol ester is often used as dietary supplement or in pharmaceutical industry.

 LowChol – Phytosterol ester
 LowChol – Phytosterol Granular
 LowChol – Phytosterol Water Dispersible
 LowChol – Stigmasterol 
 LowChol – Microencapsulated Phytosterol Esterr



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