SunnyGrain strategic planning
Author: admin | Time: 2014-6-6

SunnyGrain formed its strategic planning as below.

Step1. High-end natural vitamin E, phytosterol and methyl fatty acid, which was finished and put into production at the first half of 2013, by investment of RMB619 million.

Step2. Industrialization project of polylactic acid will be invested with RMB1,000 million in year of 2014. By year of 2016 Shandong Healthful Biotechnology Industry Zone will be formed which will be engaged in innovating medicine, functional nutraceuticals, biomedical.

Step3. Based on the former efforts, SunnyGrain is expected to be a public company and be one of the giants of natural vitamin E.


SunnyGrain-New Leader of Natural Vitamin E and Phytosterol