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30% Mixed Tocopherol Powder


It is a water-dispersible fine powder which is light tan in color with a bland odor taste. It contains nature mixed tocopherols which are obtained from edible vegetable oils by suitable physical means. It is made spray drying the ative ingredient onto Maltodextrin. It is intent f0r use as an antioxidant in the dietary supplement and food industry.

Mixed Tocopherol Composition:

   Nature mixed tocopherols    min. 30% w/w
   Maltodextrin 50-60% w/w
   Soy bean oil  5-10% w/w

Storage Conditions:

Store in tightly closed containers, cool and dry. Protect from heat, oxygen and light.


10-25 kg fiber drums with polyethylene liner blanketed with inert gas.



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